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Pistol Tattoo


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via Alanna + her great little studio on Valencia Street in SF. 

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flickering lights II | by EsmeraldaTunichtgut

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Anonymous said: I just met someone who told me he likes me but I don't know if I like him yet. It's been so long since someone has told me they like me and I don't know what I should do.

Hey Anon_X!
First off, you need to take some real time to take a step back and evaluate what you really want. It’s easy to forget that there are plenty of others out there when you haven’t been in the game in a while and it is even more easy for many of us to jump on the first opportunity that presents itself because we are afraid that there will not be another. Take this time to see if you really like this person. Chances are, you already know the answer deep down inside.

One suggestion I’d like to make is to create a list of things you like about this person and be very specific! So things like: “He’s nice” or “He’s funny” should be allowed on that list. Try to stick more along the lines of things like: “He volunteers for his own selfless reasons,” or “he’s very good at taking care of his brothers.” If you can take of 10 or more reasons, I say you should date him to spend a little more time together but do not get into anything that would force you or him become serious when you are still exploring your feelings. It it took you a long time to get 10 reasons or if you ended up with less, then he may not be the right one. Of course, if you don’t know even know 5 facts about him, this may be a bit more difficult for you. I always believe in getting to know people a little more first before even deciding if we should begin the dating phase but before you can do that, you must tell him your intentions first. Don’t be afraid to tell him how you really feel now because the worst thing you can do to him is lead him on and give him false hope. That being said, tread carefully around him and don’t mindlessly accept everything that he offers or he may get the wrong idea.

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love this tie.
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