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6 months ago

Help the most amazing girl get a chance to study abroad and get some special prizes!


In addition to the things she is offering on her site, I’m willing to give anyone willing to contribute to her little fund as well. 

$1 - Since every dollar will get her closer to her goal, I’ll make a video giving a shout-out to anyone who donates, even just a dollar. And maybe mention your name more than once, depending on how much you donate.

$5 - If you’re willing to spare $5, I’ll graciously give you a shout-out in my video and I will promote you on my tumblr page.

$10 - If you’re willing to double that $5 for a total donation of $10, I will be willing to give you tips and tricks on anything you want! I’ll give you quick tips on relationships, fashion, or hair. Whatever tickles your pickle. $10 will do the trick. ;D 

$15 - Don’t want some tips and tricks? Maybe you want something a little more…personalized? For just $5 more dollars, I’ll be willing to give you some more personal advice just for you anytime you want for as long as the tumblr-verse continues to exist. Want fashion? I’ll tell you what you can wear that will flatter your figure and hide the things you don’t want others to see. Not only that, but I’ll also keep a look-out for things that will look good for you and tell you where to get them for the lowest price. Or if you just want someone who will listen to you and vent to them whenever you want without the fear of any of your friends finding out and get an outside, unbiased opinion from someone who won’t sugarcoat things for you (way cheaper than paying for a psychologist if you ask me—and if it helps any, I’m a professional psychologist…in training. ;D).

$25 - If you give $25 for this lovely, lovely cause, I will send you a personalized photographic banner for your facebook, tumblr, blog, wherever you want to put it. Tell me what kind of photographic landscape you would like and I’ll do my best to track down the place within the LA county and send you some options to choose from. I will also Photoshop whatever you want written on the banner if it tickles your fancy, for a one-of-a-kind personalized banner.

$50 - Feeling a bit generous, are we? Well, for $50 I will make your dreams come true…in the fiction-verse. What do I mean by that? If you donate $50, I will write a short with you as the main character in whatever context you choose. Want to save the world? I’ll make it happen. Do you want to have the most epic encounter with a celebrity you admire? You got it! Want them to fall madly in love with you? No problem. Send $50 and I’ll make all come true… in writing.

$75 - For $75, I’m willing to do something a little more special and probably require more time. I will send you a 4x6 print-out of something I designed myself. Of what? I haven’t decided yet, but once I get the drafts drawn up, I will show you some samples (which will most likely be in the shout-out video) and let you choose which one you want the most. ;D

$100 - If you are willing to give $100, I will make you something more personal; a one-of-a-kind mini poster drawing, featuring you as a chibi character, doing whatever you like to do. This may require you to tell me a little bit about yourself, or what you like to do of course. If you want, I’ll even draw you as a superhero!

$200 - $200?! You beautiful person, you. If you are willing to give away that much money, I will send you a mystery tote bag. Doesn’t sound that special? How about if I told you that it is a handmade tote bagmade by yours truely with one of the prizes I mentioned before inside (which is the mystery part ;D).

Because I absolutely adore this girl, I am willing to put my pride aside and make a total fool of myself for anyone who is willing to donate $250 or more. I am the biggest introvert in the world and this will take a lot of courage to even post this or offer this, BUT! If someone really does donate $250 or more, I will e-mail you a video serenading you with a song of your choosing (or mine, if you don’t have a song in mind). I will write your name into it and maybe re-work some lyrics around to make like I really wrote it for you! Or I may re-write a whole song just for you, depending on how much you donate. All the while, hoping with all my heart that video does not get leaked out because that will be incredibly mortifying to me. 

So…in case you missed the link (hidden in the picture) and what to donate, CLICK HERE!

Just send me some sort of confirmation and tell me which prize you would like to claim. :]

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6 months ago

Help my best friend fundraise money to go to Morocco! You won't regret it.

And get free stuff! ;0


6 months ago

I want to get a group of people to dress in business suits one day and just point at a person and yell “I found him! The one in the _______!!!” while running straight towards them at full speed.


6 months ago

A few things: 
1.) Neighbors left this for me these little creme filled cakes, after a bad day for helping them open their door when the doorknob got stuck. 
2.) They were super yummy and 3 were coffee flavored
3.) I have no idea why this photo is facing the wrong direction and have no clue how to change it on mobile.
4.) Coffee flavored <3
5.) Oh, did I mention that it tasted like coffee? :)
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6 months ago


TRUST NO BITCH | via Tumblr pe We Heart It
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